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A structure that simplifies your decisions to avoid getting stuck along the creative process.

Raining Rosas, founded by Carlito Fluito, is a supportive community and a set of services and resources for dancers, actors and actresses, and circus artists.

If you are passionate about movement and the stage and looking forward to develop a creative, sustainable and healthy career as artist, then Raining Rosas is designed specifically for you.

You are taking care of your body. But…

Are you paying attention to these?

Profesional Stability

Mental Health

Artistic Growth

When you know how to TAKE CARE of yourself from the inside, EARN a living with your skills, and ADVANCE in your career , you will have all you need to make your life as an artist an enjoyable journey of meaning, fullfilment, and contribution.

Where do I start?

The Sunday Sessions 2022 are FREE group assistance open for performing artists. There is a whole international community of dancer, actors, and circus artists waiting to meet you. 

If you don’t know how to start your next creation, the TAMOS Introduction online course is the best way to have a clear and structured creative process while you expand your performing skills.

MEntal health talks

These Mental Health Talks aim to develop mature and resilient youngsters. For schools and studios that care about the health and performance of their students beyond their bodies.

The private 1-on-1 sessions are a safe and supportive space to seek the help you need. You have access for 1 hour to a licensed psychologist that is also a dancer.

The Raining Rosas Experience

Here’s what other artists are saying

about Carlito Fluito’s Sessions

Powerful Energy To Keep Going

“I feel more thankful and more motivated.
Before I was in a state of low energy due to some situations that affect my mental health.
But now I feel more blessed that there are people outside that can help you and give you that powerful energy to keep going!”
– Ioanna Vasiliou

Understanding and Connecting

“I enjoyed the session and have already recommended to three people in Copenhagen dance/ performing arts scene in person.”
– Caroline Blomqvist

Smile and Good Mood

“Carlito energy is amazing and the organisation of the class is super tidy and fluid.
Having this sessions really give me a focus and motivation for the week.”
– Die Carvalho

Learn, Improve, and Evolve

“It seems to me a necessary space to meet others, meet ourselves, listen to each other, learn, improve and evolve as human beings/artists/creators…
Thank you for this beautiful project.”

– Zorybel Garcia

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