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Affordable To EVERYONE In The Planet

In Raining Rosas, we believe that everyone on the planet, no matter their finances, should have access to a CERTIFIED PSYCHOLOGIST. That’s why we have set different prices depending on you income level. (You can discover more about Income Levels Here)


30 € / 1st Session

Income Level: 4

(Europe, North America, Australia…)

15 € / 1st Session

Income Level: 3

(Latino America, Middle East, Asia…)

5 € / 1st Session

Income Level: 1 & 2

(Africa, Asia…)

Psychologist, Artistic Director, and Entrepreneur

  When was the last time you shared your problems with a qualified professional? How often do you get stuck thinking that things should have an easier solution?

Have a non-judgemental and supportive conversation that can help you go through a challenging period in your life. 

A 1-on-1 SESSION gives you personal assistance, considering your personal circumstances and needs. Together, we can develop a set of practices and a strategy to alleviate suffering and build a life worth living. Some of my specialities are:

    • Psychological Suffering and Wellbeing. Fear, worry, and overthinking steal daily joy, and life is not only to simply survive. Life is to thrive and grow!
    • Freelancing. Life-work balance is a must for a fulfilling life. Becoming an independent artist is a brave decision, and a challenging journey. Job instability, income unpredictability. It’s easy to lose motivation and seek for a 9-to-5 job, but there’s a healthier way.  
    • Outcome-based creativity. I though for 2 years about a piece that I made in 2 weeks. There’s plenty of dancers, and circus artists that got stuck in an endless creative process, with infinite ideas, and contradicting possibilities. Remember that “Artists are measured by their finished works“.

Since 2014, Carlito Fluito is a certified psychologist, specialized in Positive Psychology and Spirituality. More than 15 years in the world of dance and theater has prepared him to empathize deeply and effectively with performers struggling with their quality of life.

This 1-on-1 SESSIONS offer the safe and supportive space focused on the individual needs of the artists to recover their wellbeing and joy of life. A learning environment to discover practical strategies (not covered in dance education programs) to grow in their professional career.

In a 1-on-1 Session, You Can Find Solution To Problems That Stress You For Weeks In Less Than 1 Hour.

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