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90-Minutes Talks To Help Your Students Coping With Daily Life And Finding Professional Success

 … And Taking Care Of Themselves

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In These Mental Health Talks, Your Students Will Get The Skills To Start Their Healing Process

Giving Voice To Those Suffering In Silence

For youngsters, suicide causes 3 times more casualties than Covid. The students of your school or academy have to wear a face masks to enter the studio.

But, who’s taking care of their psychological help?

MENTAL HEALTH TALKS are helping young dancers and circus artists to increase their awareness about self-care, emotional management, and inner resilience. Some topics are:


    • Most students and freelancers struggle with at least one of the  7 Most Common Sufferings in Young Performing Artist.
    • It’s shameful to admit that Harassment During Education and Work Life is a reality that goes unspoken in the performing world.
    • Talented dancers grow really fast in their career, but still feel lost. There is a way to Find Your Path In Life Without Feeling Like an Impostor.

Since 2014, Carlito Fluito is a certified psychologist, specialized in Positive Psychology and Spirituality. More than 15 years in the world of dance and theater has prepared him to empathize deeply and effectively with performers struggling with their quality of life.

This MENTAL HEALTH TALKS offer a set of tools and practices to heal psychological wounds, avoid painful situtations in the upcoming future, and enjoy throughout the artistic career.


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